Why Auto-Pitch

Gift to the Tele-Calling Industry

Our Company had been working day and night to bring revolutionizing gift to the Tele-calling Industry for over a period of time. And It has been Constant Challenge for Foreign Campaign Providers to find good group of Agents with good accent to deliver them Quality output. Though they find some but then their salaries and Commissions are too high and in comparison to that they were compelled to hire back Centers on their Own land at a High price Hourly basis too.

Good Looking Interface

With Our Innovative Auto-Pitch Software which is specifically designed to mask our foreign agents accents completely that prospect always enjoys talking to the Auto-Pitch agents which ultimately leads to unprecedented sales each hour and each day.

International Accents

It is a undeniable fact that when Lead Generations or any outbound calling is done by International Accents then Conversion gets too low. As most of the time Live agents can’t work out much on their Mother tongue influence that ultimately affects their live calls to the Foreign prospects as they mostly bear a hard time to understand them. By speaking to the live agents such Questions as “I can’t Understand what you are saying”, “I am unable to understand you”, or Sometimes they even say “ Do you have some one who knows better English.” . Whereas And its Well known Fact that for any outbound Campaign first 2-3 Second of the calls are the Winning Shots if you miss you miss the Whole game. I have personally noticed that due to bad accent most of the time even the good prospects requests to put their Tel phone number in DNC list which is big defeat for all BPO Industry. As I am afraid if this Continues for some more years then Chances will be that we will be hardly able to connect to land-line Telephone Numbers or Cell phones of prospects as they will be totally sick of taking to Foreign bad accents by putting their nos to DNCs . So Before this takes place we bring to you an Innovative Auto-Pitch Software that completely replaces the place of poor agents ruining the campaign and the market both at a time and also incredibly reducing the Costings too.

Quality output with very low Costs

Our AUTO-PITCH agents are well equipped and powerful in lead generation, appointment setting or any type of live Transfers Campaigns given to them, they are bound to outperform to the given task surpassing all the challenges .Some of the Basic reasons why they are so ingenious no exaggeration here are those qualities that make them ingenious

Too Effective

Our Auto-Pitch software has been developed in such a fantastic way that we can setup any campaigns along with all the recordings hardly in few hours which makes Auto-Pitch exceedingly outstanding makes it altogether as new revolution to the Virtual Calling Agent Technology world. As soon as campaigns are setup and recordings are loaded, Auto-Pitch agents will just need to push buttons.

Why Hire Me

Why Hire Me?

• AUTO-PITCH Agents are cost effective, and user-friendly.

• AUTO-PITCH Agents utilizes the most advanced artificial intelligence.

• AUTO-PITCH Agents can respond to millions of questions without fumbling even once during the conversation.

• AUTO-PITCH Agents are quicker than a live agent

• AUTO-PITCH Agents can search for answers much faster than a live person can and are able to address an infinite number of customer queries. Providing a AUTO-PITCH Agents improves the customer experience, especially for companies that generate tens of thousands of contacts a day. AUTO-PITCH Agents are not only faster, they are also accurate.

• AUTO-PITCH Agents are not prone to mistakes. When Live Agents are prone to mistakes.

• AUTO-PITCH Agents are always stays on script, and consistent performer.

• AUTO-PITCH Agents do not get tired.

• AUTO-PITCH Agents are always alert, cheerful and ready to work 24/7, 365 days a year.

How Does Auto-Pitch Work?

We all know Customers get very frustrated when they have to talk to someone they don’t understand. Many U.S. based businesses and companies fear losing customers by outsourcing their call center with foreign representatives, and we are here to stand in the Gap for both the parties Innovative Software Auto-Pitch Which can removes all those fears and at the same time maintains the Quality with very low Cost which is really a boon for the Call Center Industry

Video Intro

How to Start

Auto-Pitch basically is Hosted Dialer, Automatic Call Distributor, Interactive Voice Response, and Pre-Recorded Audio all seamlessly integrated and modular. It is the perfect tool to take your off-shore call center to the next level and get the best possible performance out of your agents.

With our Auto-Pitch predictive dialing service, there is no need to purchase hardware or anything. All that’s required is Data (leads) and Pri-Recorded Voice Files which we will setup on our Auto-Pitch predictive dialer and all ready to go….

  • Auto-Pitch Agents at verly low charges
  • 10 minimum Avatar Agents
  • Prices do include long distance charges
  • Use any Pre-Recorded Voice
  • Free! Real-time Voice Updating
  • Call Recording – All or Selective

Contact Info

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E-Mail: mail@autopitchdialer.com
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